Change of Ownership

Ownership Transfers

Does your pet have a 24PetWatch® microchip and requires the ownership transferred? Please fill out the Ownership Transfer form.

In order to complete your pet's ownership transfer you are required to provide proof of ownership. Please submit one of the following documents with your ownership transfer request:

  1. The previous owner's signature on the downloaded ownership transfer form.
  2. A bill of sale from the previous owner to you that includes the microchip number.
  3. A letter from a licensed veterinarian on their letterhead, stating that you are the owner of the animal. The letter must include the microchip number of your pet.
  4. A city/county pet license in conjunction with vaccination records (including microchip number).

Veterinary bills are not accepted as proof of ownership.

Shelters or rescues may send ownership transfer requests provided they do so on their letterhead.

An $18.95 fee may apply to transfer the ownership of your pet.

The ownership transfer fee will be waived under the following circumstances:

  1. If you adopted from a shelter or rescue and can provide a copy of the adoption contract/agreement in your name.
  2. If the previous owner is deceased and you can provide either a death certificate or obituary notice.

You can submit your paperwork by email or mail. Please note, the method of submission you choose will impact the time it takes to complete the transfer of ownership. On average, an emailed form will take approximately 7 days to complete and a mailed form can take up to 30 days.

Please email or mail your paperwork to:

Please include the microchip number in the subject line of your email.

Mail: 710 Dorval Drive, Suite 400, Oakville, ON, L6K 3V7