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24PetWatch Pet Protection Services is the largest and most accurate lost pet recovery service available, our success in reuniting lost pets is shared with responsible pet parents like you - don't forget to contact us with any updates you may have to your account, including moves and changes in ownership.

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  • NEWSLETTER 2012: Vol. 1

    Contains: The Mighty Flea, Fearsome Festivities, Be A Petango Pet Finder!, 24PetWatch Prevents Lost Pet Tragedy


  • NEWSLETTER 2012: Vol. 2

    Contains: Your Dog is like Tom Brady, Ready, Set, GO!, Tips for Adopting Disabled Pets, Top Household Dangers to Pets



  • NEWSLETTER 2013: Vol. 1

    Contains: Bonding in the Home with your Adopted Pet, Prevention is Key to Antifreeze Poisoning, Keep Weather-Related Health Issues At Bay In 2013, Urban Dog-Walking Etiquette, Games


  • NEWSLETTER 2013: Vol. 2

    Contains: The Story of Kaya, Dog Agility: A Race to the Finish!, Spring Cleaning, Spring Allergies, Games


  • NEWSLETTER 2013: Vol. 3

    Contains: The Risks of Warm Weather, Is Your Pet Protected If They Go Missing?, Dock Jumping, Manage Your Pet's Health By Maintaining a Healthy Weight, A Second Chance


  • NEWSLETTER 2013: Vol. 4

    Contains: Understanding the Signs of Pain, 24PetWatch in the Kitchen, Surviving the Holiday Travel Season



  • NEWSLETTER 2014: Vol. 1

    Contains: Top Pet Names of 2013, 24PetWatch in the Kitchen, Ralphie Gets a New Lease on Life, Millie: A Lost Pet Recovery Story


  • NEWSLETTER 2014: Vol. 2

    Contains: Heartworm Disease, Training an Italian Greyhound, Idaho: A Lost Pet Recovery Story, Disaster Preparedness; Are you ready?, Mmmmmmm Nutty Bacon Doggie Bites


  • NEWSLETTER 2014: Vol. 3

    Contains: How Water Can Be Dangerous For Your Pet, Summertime Safety, Fast Flea Facts, It’s Not Always A Competition, Pup-sicles, Baby: A Lost Pet Recovery Story, Finding Comfort in the Midst of the Storm


  • NEWSLETTER 2014: Vol. 4

    Contains: The Dangers Of Fall & Winter For Your Furry Friend, Your Ultimate Workout Partner, A Pet-Safe Home For The Holidays, Pumpkin Pie Doggy And Kitty Delights, Fall & Winter Bucket List, When Your Pet Goes Missing



  • NEWSLETTER 2015: Vol. 1

    Contains: Muddy Paws 101, Top Pet Names of 2014, American Dog Breeds, Goldilocks Dog Treats, Springtime Checklist, Dog Park Etiquette


  • NEWSLETTER 2015: Vol. 2

    Contains: Planning Pet-Friendly Vacations, Heartworm Disease, Summertime Bucket List, Delicious Doggy Biscuit Bites, Quiz, DIY Designer Dog Feeder Tutorial


  • NEWSLETTER 2015: Vol. 3

    Contains: Heartworm Disease: What you Need to Know, Pupsicle Recipe, Summertime Safety Tips: Beat the Heat, Ask the Vet with Dr. Craig, Lost Pet Tips for Dog and Cat Owners, Food Safety: Can my Dog Eat This?, Why I Microchip: Pippa's story, Quiz: What's Your Spirit Animal?


  • NEWSLETTER 2015: Vol. 4

    Contains: How to Combat Shedding, Scratching Posts 101, Ask the Vet – Your Questions Answered, Soft Pumpkin Biscuits Recipe, Quiz - What Celeb/Pet duo are you?, Household Hazards



  • NEWSLETTER 2016: Vol. 1

    Contains: DIY Dog Puzzle, DIY Cat Puzzle, Interview with a Professional Dog walker, Pet Emergency Kit, Red Velvet Pupcakes, What Is Your Cat's Tail Trying To Tell You?, Pet Dental Health, Pet Trivia


  • NEWSLETTER 2016: Vol. 2

    Contains: Top Pet Names from Coast to Coast, Bark Bitez Recipe, Fireworks and our Furry Friends, The Big Move, Tick Talk, DIY – Grow your own cat grass, The 411 on Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), Animal TV/Movie Stars – Trivia